lol hi check out my homemade
virtual synth modules

Hiya hello hey hi what’s hip love, I’m Aria Salvatrice.

I’m a French expat living on the Worldwide Web with my dog.

I make Gay Baroque Technopop and Pastoral Industrial music happen, and made a buncha synth modules for my own use.


They are the Aria Salvatrice Signature Series. Lotsa artists found them inspiring for many genres of music. You can grab them for free!

Unfortunately, this collection is discontinued and no longer supported, and won't be updated in the future, due to VCV Rack's behavior towards third party developers. I look forward to resuming this collection as a standlone modular sequencer in the future. Until then, I hope you will enjoy the existing modules for as long they still work.

heres the stuff ➞


Split & Merge

Splirge, Splort, Smerge, Spleet & Swerge: tiny kawaii lil’ polyphonic splitters, mergers, and sorters.

Quatherina’s Quality Quad Quantizer

Quatherina the Quantum Duck presents her polyphonic Quantizers with too many features. Includes QQQQ, Quack, Q<, and Quale.


8-step probabilistic sequencer, where each node branches into two possible paths, creating repeating patterns that resolve differently.

Modulus Salomonis Regis

Step sequencer conjuring grand knowledge of the arts for those who self-patch pleasing sigils. Includes Modulus Salomonis Regis, Modulellus Salomonis Regis, and Modulissimus Salomonis Regis.


Arcane, Atout & Aleister: Today’s fortune ★ I hope luck is on your side.


Send your beats straight to Hades with 8 triggered channels of CV presets and Sample & Hold. Randomization and quantization features. Pairs great with percussive sound sources.

Remote Controllers

Pokies, Grabby, Rotatoes: tiny performance controllers with offset, inversion, latch & quantization features.


Rack scroller for live performance, controllable via CV/MIDI.

Blank Plate


Credits & Namedrops

Thanks to everyone who created open-source modules I could learn from and make songs with.

Thanks to Jerry Sievert and cschol for their help with QuickJS integration.

Thanks to Silvio Kunaschk for their help with Azure Pipelines continuous integration.

Thanks to Squinky Labs, Stoermelder, David O'Rourke, and Anthony Lexander Matos for technical advice.

Thanks to Omri Cohen for featuring my modules in livestreams.

Thanks to Ken McAloon for Latin language translations.

Thanks to Sophie for music theory advice.

Thanks to Heavy Viper for years of inspiring conversation about synths and music.

Thanks to Mog for Mog.

Thanks to my dog Ornstein for being a good dog.

Thanks to my music-making LGBBQT internet shitposting gang for introducing me to modular synthesis as something that's not just for old guys with more disposable income than impetus to write fresh songs.

But most of all, thanks to YOU for using my art.

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