You can post whatever you wanna on the internet

It’s just weird. There’s this weird social expectation what is appropriate to put into the textarea tag. They call it a POST, after the HTTP method used to send a HTML form.

Maybe people need context. They’re paralyzed unless tumbler makes it clear they can write “Wow! South Korean male singer. We stan.” in the box.

The weirdest atomization is how you can just post one kinda thing per internet place.

The limbs and their components were then hung upon the splayed web, slug-like prey of some unimaginable creature. The torso, by means of its bottom-most orifice, had been placed on a small support fastened to a marble base. It was shown to varying degrees of success depending upon where one stood from behind the web but in front of the Museum door itself, acting as both signifier and guardian to the act. It was definitely murder – but was it art?

The diary of Nathan Adler or the art-ritual murder of Baby Grace Blue: A non-linear Gothic Drama Hyper-cycle, David Bowie

If you got some big life update, like, you need to tell the world “hey i adopted a cute dog i love him btw”, you can just post it wherever if you’re a civilized person with a personal web sight, or a phpBB of friends.
But if you are a youtuber, you better be ready to make a video about it. Or sing about it on soundcloud. Or selfie about it on instagram. Or make it few words about it on twitter. Or an extrudable shape about it on thingiverse. Or a drawing of Touhous bathing in quicksand while wearing animal print bikinis about it on Deviantart. Or a modal pop-up you have 1 free article(s) left this month about it on Medium.

Soon, there will be only 5000 web sights left. Google decided so. They have metrics. They have numbers. They have the A/B. Wanna call the cops on a URL that’s not popular enough? Fam, there’s an app for that:

Screencap of the Suspicious Site Reporter for Chrome. "What's suspicious about this site? Site not in the top 5k sites."

Before long, any site that’s not Top 5k will result in an error message. You heard it here first, but you won’t be able to prove you heard it by linking to it, as even Firefox won’t allow loading my site anymore.

I think we got 2 years left. That’s about how much patience Google has for a long play.

Ah well. Maybe that’s enough time for me to figure out how to make mediocre posts instead of shitposts.

Hm... today I will iterate on my brand. —Aria Salvatrice2019-06-21