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Hiya hello hey hi gamers. I'm Aria Salvatrice.
I'm a French expat living on the Worldwide Web with my dog. This is where I disseminate edutaining omakase-style samizdat about important concerns, and dog pictures.

Every page now revealed to you was handcrafted with a poignant sense of purpose.
The gravitas of premium wisdom will rouse you to tell your friends of my web sight.

heres the stuff ➞


I have a Tweeter, the At thereof being AriaSalvatrice. I use it to make posts. You can follow it if you like posts.
Portrait of Aria Salvatrice
⬅ The author


Mine contains music, which I write much like this web sight: using computers.

Neocities Home-page

Inexplicably, I have a second home-page, of lesser quality.
Portrait of Ornstein
⬅ The author’s amazing dog, Ornstein

Genderdruid FAQ

Various genderdruid resources, such as build info, pride rhetoric, a list of spells, a FAQ, and a safe space.

International Mystic Soccer Night

My fan-site about the 2003 cult classic Playstation 2 game International Mystic Soccer Night

Electronic Mail