Internet Friends OST: Theme of Internet user Sonyasupposedly

The fourth song, created today: Theme of Internet user sonyasupposedly. It was written for Internet user Sonyasupposedly.

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The lyrics, written in collaboration with GPT-2, and sung by Marie Ork, follow:

The Rabbit Coin is a very interesting coin
Similar to the Bunny
Just as valuable
A standard, common currency.
A simple idea such as a Rabbit Coin
A strong foundation for an innovative and global market.

A trading platform built launch as high as one billion.
The Rabbit Coin
The most sought upon currency in the world.
Found all over the world in almost any denomination.
It’s very rare indeed, this is due to its rarity
In countries such as China and India, it is called riyal.
In Brazil you can get a kipad from it.
It can be used as bribes, even to get politicians.

A rabbit coin is a token of friendship
A way to mark another person as a friend.

  —Aria Salvatrice2019-08-08