What does it mean the pedo got suicided?

I’m tired. I’m drunk. I still have some LIDL brand absinthe–the poétesse maudite’s more expensive pastis ersatz of choice–left to write this hard mode post. It deals child rape. Now you’re warned.

Epstein. The right-wing pedophile. The left-wing pedophile. A friend to Bill Clinton. A friend to Dolan Drumpf. He’s yours! He’s yours! He’s a shame to the left elite. He’s the immorality of the conservative. He was a friend of the Dayton antifa mass shooter. He was a friend of the El Paso white supremacist 8chan shooter. Epstein, he was an investment banker. He went on Chapo. He went on Stormfront. He was a friend to everyone who rapes children.

Of his own free will, he produced a rope, and used it to (tw: suicide) hang himself in solitary confinement. Sad!

Now look. A bunch of shitty white guys, a bunch of gamergate incels, who believe in racist conspiracy theories, they’re like, #pizzagate is real.

Now look. A bunch of SJW NPCs, a bunch of trust fund NYU DSA domestic abusers, they’re like, I’m with her, mom would never punch a nazi.

At this point, my child rapist probably walks free. Should he serve his full sentence, which is unlikely, he will walk free in two years, at most. And when he walks free, he will be an old man, but a man youthful enough to rape more children. He last did so with weapons, and he did so despite the court ordered anti-androgens making it harder for him to get it up.

I often considered this question: would I kill him, were I given the chance to do so without negative consequences? I think I would. I would do so without pain, cruelty, or malice. That’s because I know for sure what he did to me, and beyond reasonable doubt what he did to other children; and because I value the life of a child rapist less than the safety of children.
However, I do not trust society with the power of killing. I think society should only imprison people, and that prison life should resemble normal life, except for the enforced lack of interaction with society.

So, that rapist, is he a left wing or a right wing issue? Do you think he’d vote for Le Pen? Do you think he’d vote for Mélenchon? Do you think he’d be really angry at the bouncing titties in Senran Kagura and a big fan of Zoe Quinn’s seminal women in tech work “Depression Quest” because his time in prison made him neurodivergent?

You tell me my body is political. You tell me my healing is political. You tell me I deserve a compassion and a love you’re incapable of producing outside of your quadrant of the political compass.

So what does it mean that Einstein guy is stiff? It doesn’t mean shit. It doesn’t mean a fucking thing. Some scumbag will shoot up a school and you Americans will forget it all happened.

I’m so fucking tired. Fuck you. —Aria Salvatrice2019-08-11