Good morning

This evening, I’m reminded again of the lack of community.

I hear about fifteen years old children questioning their identity being targeted with purpose-made tumblrs bearing their doxxname in the URL, full of receipts of their being the wrong kind of leftist, while I know perfectly secure people (pick at least four out of: middle class, male, cisgender, heretosexual, white, neurotypical) who’ll pretend to listen to me but swear to my face that the concept of “cancel culture” is a fascist dogwhistle.

I see online people who go “Good morning <3” and friends tell them “hey!! welcome *hugs*” and I’m a stranger to that. It’s not available to us.

We’re here and we’re queer, fuckboy, deal with it. If you say *hug* it means you want to top. Your identity is inherently radical and liberals get the bullet too. Sex work is work and you must support Zoe’s patreon-only photoshoot where she puts a saline solution into her balls. Blocking everyone who defends Tifa’s breasts in the remake, I say we chop them off. We don’t have Good Mornings around here. We’ve got U/ACC poly dick sucking.

Sometimes I wish I could say good morning without it being political or sexual. I’m tired. —Aria Salvatrice2019-06-30