Hold the powerful accountable

(CW: Transphobia) I don’t even know if her voice sounds deep or not. Sorry, it’s the first thing I notice when trans women talk to a camera. Voice is a pain point for me, I can’t help but pay attention to others’.

I don’t know how Natalie Wynn, also known by her nom de Youtube Contrapoints, sounds like, because I have no particular interest in the topics she discusses. A quick survey of my social circles makes it clear she’s more popular with cisgender people than trans people. Not that we dislike her, probably.

Screencap of her Youtube channel showing the current videos

We’re just done. It’s all about gender stuff from a leftist perspective. We’re done. We’re done with those conversations. Done as hell with those entry level topics. Done as hell with - hey, I know exactly what you’re thinking. You’re waiting for me to hint at my politics. Well here’s my fucking politics, bitch: later in this post I say “fuck fascists”.


(brb watching a few secs of a random vid real quick)


Okay. I clicked one video. She sounds like most trans women sound when they decide they care how they sound, but aren’t blessed with amazing vocal tract genetics. Woulda been rude to talk about her without at least doing that.

Anyway, we’re not here to talk about her voice, but her actions.

She said non-binary people have a very different perspective about transition, gender, and pronouns, than from her, a binary trans person, and that makes communication really hard. Here’s some receipts of the most fucked up dog whistles she posted:

Ellen DeGeneres just here vibing with her buddy George W. Bush


She also invited to her show some old asshole who’s old as hell and has really shit opinions and went out of his way to harass trans women because of those opinions. He was given a platform to speak a line for a dozen seconds on her show, and those were a dozen too many. This is what the fuckface said:

Ellen DeGeneres still just here vibing with her buddy George W. Bush

That’s right. I’m not making it up. It sounds innocuous but it’s fucked up in context.


Running the numbers, she earns good money on that racket. One million views per vid, eight vids a year, that’s at least $15K a year. 9378 patrons, so that’s at the very least $9378 a month. It is at least thrice as much what an average non-stealth trans woman in her thirties can expect being paid.

But I’m low-balling those numbers. She’s definitely the mythical six figures trans person, but if she’s playing things smart the first of those six figures will be a 2, not a 1. The Youtube number was calculated by using a shady calculator on a site with the words “influencer marketing” on it, and halving their guess. The Patreon number, by assuming they’re all giving one single dollar, but the first tier is actually $2. And if you drop $15, you get to access private Q&A streams.

Sometimes, contents from those streams leak. She drinks heavily on stream. She talked about her alcohol problem and mental health status. She has trouble coping with the harassment. Here’s a particularly incriminating screencap from a pastebin:

Ellen DeGeneres talking about her good friend George W. Bush

Anyway, the harassment got so bad, she left Twitter forever, for the third time or so. She will be back in a week. They always do.

That’s because “Cancel Culture” is just a dog whistle. It doesn’t exist at all. Look at Natalie:

Ellen DeGeneres having a job

Natalie still has her job after the fucked up shit she did. Nobody has “canceled” her. She’s still worth over 80 million dollars. Nobody is trying to take your precious little youtuber away you little crybaby chuds. Whenever someone says “Cancel Culture” or “wokescold” or stuff like that, 100% of the time they’re a fascist or gamergate harasser anyway.

Selection of tweets sent to Contrapoints in the last few days

Good riddance lmao. She asked for it by refusing to be held accountable. Fuck fascists. They have no place in a community built on compassion and acceptance that should be first and foremost a safe space ✊. —Aria Salvatrice2019-11-09