Internet Friends OST: Theme of Internet user Snus Kin

A new little low-pressure project. I’m making the theme song of internet friends. Without their creative input or veto, only their consent. And well, not necessarily people I know well enough to call a personal friend, I just have to kinda like them. And more importantly, have an idea what to write for them.

Once I’m done it will be an album. Most songs are excuses to experiment with new ideas, processes, stupid gimmicks, etc.

The first song was made on July 28: Theme of Internet user Snus Kin. It was written for Internet user snus_kin.

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On this song I experiment with various aleatoric composition techniques.

The portable AC is blaring into my left ear 24/7. I can get this room down to 26°C in the morning but no better. I don’t mix my songs, I just make the levels look ok then I slap a goddamn maximizer on them to squash that shit and call it a done deed. —Aria Salvatrice2019-08-06