Do you, too, hate yourself, and therefore are on Tweeter? Me too.

There are idiots and imbeciles everywhere. We wish we could leave, but we are trapped.

We have learned how to stay safe: by law, the Bluechecks are required to wear the badge of shame as they go about, so we can avoid saying swear words at them. Not that we’d get into trouble for a little “shit” and maybe some “fuck”. But if we are mean to the bourgeoisie, it may plead to the Algorithm lordship over us, and should it please the Algorithm, we find our accounts and gainful employment under attack, for the thrill of the hunt.

The Algorithm wants us to think it’s all powerful, but we know the truth. The Algorithm has only so much GPU time to waste on us. It supplements itself with Mechanical Turks and ESL Meatlets from developing countries. The flesh API has 20 seconds to return true or false when asked whether the video depicts decapitation. The meat works around the clock in looming towers. Sometimes the meat loses sight of the greater good in being a microservice, and instead of returning, it throws, it throws itself in the suicide net, to be safely handled.

Should the Algorithm deem you suicidal, well, fam, you had it coming. Bayes’ theorem knows that kinda shit. You’ll receive an e-mail telling you where to call suicide hotlines in your country, because you’ll no longer be able to communicate with your friends. Suicide should be handled by suicide professionals, not by “friends” who lack mental health training.

For now, when the powerful say stupid shit, I don’t tell them they posted cringe. I just look at them. I deploy the donald.jpg:


I think there’s poetic beauty in this strategy. No caption. Nobody else uses this picture as a reply. In the original cartoon shortAvailable on Youtube–Donald isn’t looking at an imbecile who just vomitted “He/Him👏Lesbians👏Who👏Have👏Sex👏Orgies👏With👏Men👏Are👏Valid👏Asexuals” on the Time Line, he’s trying out mind control glasses.
But absent the context, it’s easy to parse the meaning, isn’t it?

But the Algorithm can’t do shit. For now. —Aria Salvatrice2019-07-04