Let it break

Once I had a sufficiently reliable thing going on, I vowed to make one post on here everyday, going against my instinct to polish things to perfection before showing them to the world.

Just fix things as they bother me. That’s a good way to fight perfectionism.

▲ This is what a draft of this post looks like on my computer.

Mobile looks a bit bad - sizes and margins all out of whack. But it works well enough!

Comments are not implemented. But why, actually? So I feel the pressure to moderate stuff? I can just start another Tumbler if I want the constant threat of harassment. And if you have interesting remarks, you know how to reach me (which you already did, through Tweeter, Discord, and even E-mail).

There’s no archives or pagination. Each passing day exacerbates the problem! How long before the homepage is absurdly long?

I have to manually write the date on each post. That’s stupid! It should be implicit from the folder structure.

RSS may or may not work. And it’s not advertised except as a meta tag.
Like many others, I had no plan B when Google killed Reader to kill web logs, so I don’t really check my RSS. Should I fix it? Just complain if it’s broken! I promise I’ll fix it just for you.

The development server slows down if it runs for more than a few hours. I deal with it by killing it often.

Sync is a problem that grows more annoying every day. Using Filezilla manually as if I were a kid playing with PHP again is stupid.

There are no categories yet, and since I’m not a fan of clear titles, you have no clue what you will read about each day. Bad or good?

Folder structure still isn’t as clean as I’d like. Instead of separate folders for partials and includes, I’d prefer a naming convention.

Rebooting the wheel is a fun adventure. I hope I come up with a new kind of wheel. —Aria Salvatrice2019-07-02