Stashing HQ Gamer Fuel

I’m trying to post once a day on this web sight. To post literally whatever the hell I wanna. It’s an old-school homepage. I do whatever the fuck I wanna in my home. I do not stick to a specific theme, me being in my home is the only constant.

Or longform tweeting, to be stuck in the current year.

There’s a big heat wave in France. I just want to hibernate in a room with AC for a few days.

And tomorrow, the new Final Fantasy XIV expansion is out.

So I kinda know my plans.

To perform better as a Gamer, I went and prepped individually packaged Gamer Fuel for a few days.

All but one are variations on recipes found on [CW: ads, adblock detection, infinite scroll, video autoplay, and other engagement dark patterns] this seriouseats listicle of make-ahead thingies I wanted to try out. Most are very mangled out of a lack of being assed to fetch all the proper ingredients.

I made between two and four portions of each, and I stored them into single-use containers because the earth can frick the heck off because I have to travel to another world as the warrior of darkness to save Eorzea as the warrior of light (long story).

They all tasted good minutes after cooking, but I don’t trust they will all keep so well, unlike all the food my catgirl prepared five months ago to boost her critical chance and XP gains in the coming expansion.

▲ Quinoa with Uhh I guess Pomegranate Seeds and Feta the Recipe Said So and it Works so Shut Up

▲ Salmon and Mustard and Dill and Celery Leaves cuz I wasn’t gonna waste them

▲ Celery Leaf Kinda Lebanese-style Bulgur Tabbouleh because I had so many of these leaves oh god

▲ Purportedly Chinese repice of Chicken with Stuff and also Cashew Nuts that tastes better than it looks

▲ Bulgur and Salmon and Apples and Oranges which barely resembles the suggested recipe and doesn’t exactly taste “balanced” but whatever gamers

▲ Fusilli Bucati Corti with Tomatoes and Basil except they will be eaten cold mama mia etc

Do not forget to also hydrate, gamers. —Aria Salvatrice2019-06-27